Currently looking for: Seamstress (ad-hoc)


Stuffed Toys Hospital began as a mother-daughter duo business. Our goal is to spread the overwhelming joy of having our favourite stuffed friends refreshed and restored, protecting the memories associated with them for a long time to come. Using our gentle, by-hand only approach to stuffed toy repairs, alongside our innovation in endlessly creating new methods of repairs, to retain the original stuffed toy as much as possible.

In a nutshell, we are on a mission to save stuffed toys and memories, bringing smiles to our guardians all around the world, forever and always!


Love stuffed toys? Excited to serve stuffed toys and their human guardians? Come join a team of stuffed toy doctors dedicated to saving stuffed toys and memories! At Stuffed Toys Hospital, we heal our stuffed patients, who are treasured friends and family members of other human beans. Every stuffed toy we save brings a smile to another guardian. This means that we have created more than 5000 smiles to date - and still counting! Want to be a part of this meaningful work?

Job description

  • Able to create patterns from scratch, based on the shape and size of stuffed toy (must have a good understanding of the anatomy of stuffed toys).

  • Capable of creating clothing designs from scratch and piecing them together.

  • Have extensive knowledge of the different types of fabrics in the textile industry - able to personally and independently source suitable materials for stuffed toys.

  • Proficient in sewing, both using a sewing machine and hand-sewing.

  • To stuff and stitch up repaired stuffed toys by hand.

Your profile

  • Displays a strong passion & interest in sewing, plush-making, or gaining any kind of knowledge related to stuffed toys.

  • Have compassion towards people and stuffed toys alike.

  • Possesses a keen eye for detail.

  • Growth-centric individual who always strives for improvement and perfection in every project tasked with.

  • Excited for the challenges that come with new projects (every stuffed toy is different in their look, shape and size, so naturally every project will be 100% new).

  • Demonstrates patience and commitment to honing craft in order to create a better world for our guardians and stuffed friends.

  • Capable of multi-tasking (i.e. work on multiple projects in one go) and manage time well in order to meet deadlines.

  • Able to work well both as an individual and in a team.



  • Commission-based role (no basic salary).


  • When required (with potential to convert into full-time staff if deemed suitable).

Working conditions

  • Permitted to work from home (if your home workspace meets our requirements).

Additional benefits

  • Flexible schedule and work-from-home arrangements.

  • Limited reimbursement for craft materials for your personal projects, to encourage you to pursue your passion!


[Please ensure you are at least 21 years old to apply for this role.]

Preview of the types of projects you will potentially be working on