Admission & booking
Admission & booking
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Admission & booking

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How to create appointment

Appointment made above is only for drop-off of toy to us. We will contact you separately to arrange a return when your toy is ready for collection.


1) Indicate name(s) of stuffed toy(s) to be admitted.

2) Click on "Schedule your time". 

  • Availability for future dates will open 30 days in advance.

3) Select your preferred doctor.

4) Select preferred date and time for meet-up / delivery.

(a) For self drop-off at Aljunied MRT (in 5min intervals) - FOC option:

  • Mon-Fri: 7.30pm-8pm.
  • Sat: 10.30am-11am.
  • Sun: 10.30am-11am, 2pm-2.30pm, 7.30pm-8pm.

(b) For delivery - from $15, depending on distance and size of stuffed toy(s):

  • Sun: 10am-6pm.

5) Click on "Book Now".

6) Indicate method used to contact us for easier identification purposes:

  • If you have used Whatsapp, please leave your phone number.
  • If you have used Instagram DM, please leave your handle i.e. @(username).
  • If you have used Facebook message, please leave your Facebook account name.
  • If you have used Tiktok DM, please leave your handle i.e. @(username).

7) Check out and make payment to confirm your booking.

8) For multiple toys, only one booking is required, and you may indicate multiple names.


Only available for services under Stuffed Toys Hospital, please enquire for a quotation first before booking.

Slot opening

Appointment slots will be available 45 days in advance.


Should you see that the slots are fully booked, kindly wait for new slots to open up.

Where is your location

As we do not have a physical store, meet-ups are arranged at Aljunied MRT Station.


Meeting point with - 

  • Jane: opposite the ticket office within the station (near LiHo/MaxiCash).
  • Christine: Exit A of the station.


Should you be driving, there is a large carpark outside the MRT station.


Delivery options are available from $15, depending on distance and size of toy.


This is only available on Sundays, 10am-6pm. Please prepare your own bag and pack your stuffed toy(s) proper, with your name labelled on the bag for identification purposes.


Kindly note that Stuffed Toys Hospital will not be held liable for any accidents that happen to stuffed toy(s) during delivery to and fro.


As such, we strongly encourage self-drop offs and collections.

$28 non-refundable down payment

Due to limited slots available and to avoid last-minute back outs or no-shows, a non-refundable down payment of $28.


$28 will be deducted from the final total amount to be paid e.g. total repair costs $100 > $28 have been paid for the appointment > only required to pay remainder of $72.


Please consider carefully before making an appointment, thank you!

What you will receive

  • Repaired stuffed toy(s).
  • Certificates of Bravery, as a souvenir from Stuffed Toys Hospital, to applaud them for their bravery going through tedious surgeries, and being away from their guardians for long durations!

Payment terms and conditions

A $28 non-refundable down payment will be made during booking of appointment.


Quotation provided to you are based on services your toy needs, based on photos and external inspection on site. However depending on the condition of the toy on the inside, it may or may not require additional services, and therefore incur additional costs. If additional services are required, we will contact you directly for a discussion, before proceeding.


The balance - including any additional amount quoted during the repair process - is to be paid via PayNow, to our UEN number 53453597J, after all repairs have been completed.


If you have chosen self-collection for return, the balance shall be paid before the return.


If you have chosen delivery for return, the balance shall be paid prior to scheduling of delivery.


Kindly note that Stuffed Toys Hospital will not be held liable for accidents that happen to patients during delivery to and fro.