5 ways to style a scarf for Christmas!

Stuffed toys deserve some warmth too!

Christmas scarf wrapped around a Pooh bear stuffed toy, cuddled up in a blanket and sitting up against a pillow.Pooh bear wrapped up in a handmade scarf🧣

Your stuffed toy has been providing you warmth and comfort every night, now it's your turn to give back! That's right, stuffed toys deserve to be warmed in a fashionable manner too, especially for Christmas🌲 Don on our chic and soft handmade scarf with these 5 styles, and your beloved stuffed friend is ready to steal the spotlight amid the crowd!

Difficulty 1: The drape

Drape scarf Pooh bearDoes Pooh look that handsome too?

For the lazy people who don't know how to tie complicated scarf wraps, but still want to wear a scarf - here is a fool-proof method: just drape it over the shoulders of your stuffed toy! Makes the neck vulnerable to attacks from the wind, but do it all for the style!🥶 #sacrifice 

Difficulty 2: The whip

Whip scarf tying Pooh bear

This is like a level up of the drape: wrap one end of the scarf around the front of your stuffed toy's neck and let it hang at the back.

Whenever I wrap a scarf this way, I make sure to fling it hard enough so it hits someone else... just because I can💥

Difficulty 3: Twirly whirly

Twirly whirly scarf tying Pooh bear

A variation of the drape. Instead of draping from the back of the neck, drape from the front of the neck, crisscross at the back and bring both ends to the front.

Doesn't Pooh just look so oomph! here, giving off such a warm and fuzzy feeling?😊

Difficulty 4: Hole puncher

Hole puncher scarf tying Pooh bear

Fold the scarf in half, wrap it around the neck of your stuffed toy, and stuff the two open ends into the loop. Please don't attempt to punch the ends into the loop, we don't want any injuries!👊🏻

Difficulty 5: Double hole puncher (the ultimate)

Double hole puncher scarf tying Pooh bear

I hope the gif is self-explanatory. This is indeed the double hole puncher because my head felt slightly concussed after learning this👊🏻🤯👊🏻

Scarves for all

Customize colour of pompoms at the end of the scarf

Each scarf come with customizable pom-pom balls: white, baby pink, baby blue. You can also choose not to have the pom-poms at all!

Hope you have fun dressing your stuffed friend up, like I had with my beloved Pooh bear!🥰

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