Surgical Risks

Since we are using today's available materials and technology to service patients who may be up to 60 years old, you must understand that there are risks associated with every procedure:

1. Stuffings

2. Suture (stitching)

3. Deep cleaning

4. Skin grafting (fabric overlay/replacement, new body parts)

5. Fur addition

6. Embroidery


  • Possible overall different look and feel of the stuffed toy, from what you are used to.
  • Possible further thinning of fabric.
  • Depending on the condition of stuffed toy when viewed in person by our doctors, services might change as recommended by our doctors, and therefore possible change in the final quotation. Please be assured that we will start treatment only for the desired part or after you are satisfied after the estimate.
  • Should we find that your stuffed toy is not suitable for repair, we reserve the right to reject admission.
  • Should we find that your stuffed toy has an issue halfway through repair that we cannot rectify, we will either (1) put a stop to all repairs and revert your stuffed toy to how it was during admission, as much as possible; or (2) advise you on what other services it might require.

Should you be uncomfortable with any of the above risks involved, please do not proceed.