Our Story

"Mummy, Pooh is so flat, dirty and there are soooo many holes! Can you do anything about it?"

The mother fixed Pooh up. The daughter was overjoyed and wanted to spread this happiness she experienced.

And that's how Stuffed Toys Hospital first started.

It's an unspoken rule for all of us to have a stuffed toy as a baby (a.k.a. chouchou culture in Singapore). Stuffed toys are an important source of emotional support, having gone through life's ups and downs with us, protecting us when we are at our most vulnerable at night in dreamland, and giving us endless hugs whenever we need one. Even as "inanimate" and "invaluable" objects, these stuffed toys are often our most precious items that can be found in the house - and yes, they too can deteriorate over time.

Stuffed Toys Hospital now

Since 2018, Stuffed Toys Hospital has repaired >1,000 stuffed toys and satisfied as many owners. We pride ourselves in our gentle, by-hand only approach to stuffed toy repairs, alongside our innovation in endlessly creating new methods of repairs, to retain the original stuffed toy as much as possible.

Beyond repair works

Stuffed Toys Hospital also retail stuffed toys, brand new and pre-loved. Alongside our philosophy of upcycling, we provide services to convert old clothes into usable items.

The gentle art of not destroying your favourite stuffed friend

Stuffed Toys Hospital hosts workshops to educate participants on the dos and don'ts of stuffed toy care, how to do some basic repairs, and even plush-making from scratch.

Where you can find us

We are a home-based business, and as such do not have a physical store. 

Self-drop offs / collections are arranged at Aljunied MRT only. Delivery options are available, depending on the size and weight of your toy, and distance. Prior booking is required, and you may view our availability and do so here.