Surgical Risks involved in Skin Grafting

[Skin Grafting involves procedures like fabric replacement, fabric overlay, new body parts, etc.]
  • Possible change in shape/size and overall look of body parts involved in Skin Grafting.

What you should do

  1. Ideally, you should source for your own desired materials for use, but only if you are aware of the type of fabric that is suitable.
  2. Having our doctors source for the materials on your behalf will incur additional charges, and it is not guaranteed to be what you are looking for 100%.
  3. If we do have potentially suitable materials on hand, you can purchase them as samples from us, prior to booking an appointment for admission. Should you deem the samples as unsuitable or undesirable, there will be no refunds. Fabric sample fee also cannot be used to offset the total final bill.
  4. Be prepared for the potential change in look of your stuffed toy.

More notes

  • The new fabric used will not be of the exact same colour tone and texture as the original. As such, there will be a resulting patchy look overall. This is because we do not produce or print fabrics, and are only able to source for closely resembling or suitable fabrics. Plush fabric is the most common type of fabric that is more easily accessible to these days (think fabric used for miniso stuffed toys).
  • In fabric overlay, the original layer of fabric will not be removed, and the new fabric will be laid over directly. As such, it might "pop up" more than the other surfaces.