Surgical Risks involved in Stuffings

  • Possible change in shape/size of certain body parts.
  • Possible change in feel/softness of stuffed toy.

What you should do

  1. Inform our doctors which key features of your stuffed toy you would like to keep as it is e.g. amount of stuffings in face/nose, etc. We will assess if your request is possible.
  2. Inform our doctors of the rough softness that you would like to maintain (show them a rough reference point on your stuffed toy).
  3. Be prepared for the potential change in look and feel of your stuffed toy.

More notes

  • We will not be able to 100% stuff your stuffed toy to how you want it to be. Should you want to make adjustments on your own, you can check out our stuffing workshop.
  • Replacement of stuffings could possibly lead to a completely different feel from what you are used to. We only have a few grades of stuffings available for use. It's possible that your stuffed toy contains a grade of stuffings that are no longer produced. We will try our best to replicate the feel, but it will not be 100% guaranteed to be to your satisfaction.
  • Readjustment of stuffings is necessary: original stuffings will need to be refluffed and blended with new stuffings, for a more consistent feel.