Memory bear

Memory bear

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How to place your order

1) Add to cart and make payment via the website to confirm engagement in service.

2) We will Whatsapp you instructions on how to send your clothes to us, so make sure to leave your contact number! Please prepare 4-8 pieces of baby or kids clothing / 1-4 pieces of adult clothing. You may use post-it notes to make specific clothing elements that you would like to keep / specify fabric to be used for specific parts of the bear.

3) Wait for ~2-4 weeks.

4) Receive a bear made out of your very own clothes! (Price already includes 2-way delivery)

*We'll return any uncut clothes to you.

Customizable options

  • Embroider personalized texts on your bear's feet or front body e.g. name, date of event, a short message, etc.
  • Add a removable re-recordable sound insert, shaped like a heart, hidden inside the bear's body e.g. record baby's heart beat, voice, or just sounds from the event, etc.
  • You can turn this bear into a weighted one! Weighted stuffed toys are commonly used in therapy to simulate the feeling of receiving hugs, promoting feelings of comfort and peace.
  • Add a scent into your bear! Depending on the scent you choose, aromatherapy can benefit you in various ways - physical, mental and emotional.


Please add to cart multiple times if making multiple personalized orders, instead of just increasing quantity.

Băo Cares

Your bear will be covered under Băo Cares up to 80% for a one-time repair (U.P. $260), only valid up to 1 year from date of order, backed by Stuffed Toys Hospital's expertise.


Repair includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Transfusion (addition / replacement of stuffings)
  • Stitching
  • Eye replacement
  • Nose replacement
  • Fabric replacement

Size of bear & number of clothing required

Estimated height (head to toe): ~18 inches (~45cm)


Please prepare 4-8 pieces of baby or kids clothing / 1-4 pieces of adult clothing for one bear.


Price already includes 2-way delivery!