Surgical Risks involved in Fur Addition

  • Possible variation in fur length of new fur (especially if original fur of stuffed toy is less than 5mm long, the new fur will protrude out more than the original).
  • Possible variation in colour tone between the new and original fur.
  • Possible variation in texture between the new and original fur.

What you should do

  1. Ideally, you should source for your own desired yarn for use.
  2. Having our doctors source for the materials on your behalf will incur additional charges, and it is not guaranteed to be what you are looking for 100%.
  3. Be prepared for the potential change in look and feel of your stuffed toy.

More notes

  • Fur length must be at least 5mm for the new fur added to be stable. If the new fur added is cut too short to match the length of original fur, there is a high change of it falling off easily.
  • Deep cleaning and fur brushing is compulsory if you would like to engage in fur addition. This is to ensure that we can reveal the original colour of the fur, and source for a suitable coloured fur for addition.