Surgical Risks involved in Suture (Stitching)

  • There will be a wavey line left behind from invisible stitching method used.
  • There will be a visible stitch line left behind, especially if the tear is not along any of the original seam lines.
  • Darning or whipstitch might be use in place of invisible stitching, especially if the tear is deemed too big.
  • Depending on the condition of the original fabric, stitching might cause the original fabric to tear further instead. In such cases, we’ll need to do fabric patching instead (refer to Surgical Risks involved in Skin Grafting).
  • Further tears could possibly emerge even after stitching.
  • Could potentially make part of your stuffed toy “appear smaller”, due to the pinching effect of stitching new fabric together with the original.

What you should do

  1. Be prepared to see new lines to emerge on parts of your stuffed toy with stitching.

More notes

  • Potentially a non-reversible procedure, depending on the type of stitching done and fabric integrity.