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How to engage in cloning service

1) Upload images of your original toy, with the following profiles:

  • Front profile.
  • Side profile (both left and right).
  • Back profile.
  • Top profile (straight angle from top of head).
  • Bottom profile (straight angle from bottoms).

*Please use a virtual measuring tool to capture the dimensions (L x W in cm). Sample photo here.

2) Enter dimensions of your toy L x W x D in cm, as accurately as possible to prevent any far off mis sizing of the clone.

3) Click on "add to cart", and complete payment to confirm.

What you will receive

  • Cloned stuffed toy, delivered directly to address provided.
  • Physical birth certificate.

Estimated costs

Replications starts from $200, and the price goes up depending on the size and complexity of the design. You may enquire for a quotation first before confirming.

$200 non-refundable down payment

Due to long hours spent on replication and to avoid last-minute cancellations of orders, a non-refundable down payment of $200 is imposed on each cloning order made.


$200 will be deducted from the final total amount to be paid e.g. total cloning cost $400 > $200 have been paid for the order > only required to pay remainder of $200.


Despite this being a cloning service, there are still limitations on how similar the clone can look. Below are some risks of cloning:

  • The new fabrics sourced will not be of the exact same colour tone and texture as the original.
  • For plastic eyes and noses: depending on how complex the design is, we might recommend embroidery instead (it's hard to find plastic eyes and nose of the exact same size and design, so embroidery is offered as an alternative - it is also more durable).
  • Size and shape of body parts might differ slightly from the original.

Payment terms

A $200 non-refundable down payment will be made for each order.


Remaining amount to be paid after the cloning process is completed, via PayNow / PayLah / cash (please do not PayNow / PayLah to 88703530, we will provide you with another number to do so).